About POD project 

POD is part of a larger research project at the Royal College of Art, led by Dr Danielle Barrios-O’Neill, exploring how humans can develop new and better ways to approach ‘wicked problems’ by thinking through new perspectives and learning to play across established boundaries.

The Research & Development Team:

Dr Danielle Barrios-O’Neill, d.barrios-oneill@rca.ac.uk

Charlotte Jarvis, charlotte.jarvis@rca.ac.uk

Dr Carolina Ramirez-Figueroa, c.ramirez-figueroa@rca.ac.uk

Dr Kerry Curtis, kerry.curtis@rca.ac.uk

Elena Falomo, falomoelena@gmail.com

Nirit Benyamini Ben-Meir, n.binyamini-ben-meir@rca.ac.uk

Laura Dudek, laura.dudek@network.rca.ac.uk

About Information Experience Design at the Royal College of Art

Information Experience Design is the creative practice of intervening in, designing and generating experiences of complexity, that communicate human, nonhuman and more-than-human perspectives and realities.

Our medium of practice includes ‘warm’ data – information about interrelationship – as well as ‘cold’ data points, and we work actively with living, computational and speculative systems.

The pieces we make include large-scale installations, immersive digital experiences, radical performances, and living artefacts and ecosystems. Our purpose on the MA in Information Experience Design (IED) is to inspire experimental works that generate transformation, seek better futures through the generation of compelling experiences, compose better questions, and new ways of relating to and being in the world.

Shared Understandings of a Sustainable Future

The POD project and exhibition are funded as part of the British Academy’s Shared Understandings of a Sustainable Future programme, which seeks better collaboration and representation toward Net Zero.

The scheme engages stakeholders from across our society and economy to investigate the distinct challenges of transitioning into a net-zero economy in a way that supports wider goals of environmental sustainability, and doing so in a way that mobilises and empowers a range of actors working across sectors and areas of society.

Key to these two challenges are the importance of communities, co-creation, adaptation, resilience and innovation.

Galapagos Conservation Trust

During the month of June, the event will support the Galapagos Conservation Trust. The Galapagos Conservation Trust is a British conservation charity which focuses on saving animals at risk of extinction on the Galapagos Islands. The charity fundraises to support pioneering conservation projects in the Islands, and raise awareness of Galapagos conservation both in the UK and in Ecuador to ensure the unique flora and fauna on the Islands are preserved for future generations to enjoy.