POD Audio/Video Scape

Eels x Ocean Bacteria - Mutation Lab

Eels and Ocean bacteria initiate a Mutation Lab on the Eels' biofilm to enhance mutual survival.

Otters x Avocets - Disney DamOtters build dam as a recreational and utilitarian infrastructure as answer to local climate crisis.

Leatherback Sea Turtles x Zebra Mussels Zebra Mussels and Leatherback Turtles designed a mutually beneficial system that offers opportunities for transportation and for additional shell reinforcement.

Fishermen x  Harbour Seals Fishing community form an alliance with harbour seals to protect the marine resource they both depend on, in opposition to human political & commercial interests.

Moon Jellyfish Great AllianceJellyfish initiate and convene a Great Alliance between different species to secure life beyond the crisis.

Opossum Shrimps x Moon JellyfiishMoon Jellyfish offer a protected environment for Opossum Shrrimp to swim in.

Eels x Sand Warms - Empire RevivalSand mason worms and eels combine abilities to construct well-designed and better located migration corridors.

European Smelt x Zebra Mussels

Smelt and Mussels act together to fight plastic pollution with the help of a powerful artifact.
Zebra Mussels create an outer shell for European Smalt and Leatherback Turtles to protect them and enhance their survival.